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DETROIT diamonds

Detroit Diamonds is what you call the car window glass shimmering against the asphalt after somebody (in this case, me) gets caught lackin. I felt the need to use these “diamonds” as a piece to something larger and representative of this city; with its endless churches (most per square mile in the country!), its gorgeous people and its genuine warmth. 



It worries me when folk unfamiliar to the city only speak on the topic of danger, and it worries me when large corporations who call Detroit home try to hide what it considers unbecoming from the tourists and gentrifiers they invite. Far too often the negative is centered in Detroit, however it doesn’t need to be shunned. Crime and danger are simply pieces of a much larger mosaic, that mosaic is beautiful, it’s creative, it’s holy, it’s Black. That mosaic deserves to be viewed in all it’s glory. I believe in nuance and telling the full story, Detroit Diamonds was my attempt at doing so. 

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